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See What Suppliers Say About GSV

The GSV program has helped our factory to develop a better understanding of supply chain security requirements.  The benchmarking gives us a measurable performance index along with clear recommendations for improvement.  We were just validated by US Customs and the specialists were impressed by our security system.       

Dana Vina Co, Ltd. Or Green River Furniture (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

Thank you for providing our factories with the necessary GSV training to bring our supply chain requirements in line with the demands of US C-TPAT.   Over the last year, the GSV system has improved our performance and audit reports provide key pointers for improvement.  Our customers have commented on the effectiveness of the Global Security verification program and they are very pleased by the program implementation.

Wah Shing Toys - China

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See What Importers Say About GSV

After verifying that our supplier's security practices conformed, GSV issued a report detailing their assessment of the supply chain security practices that were in place, complete with recommendations. Since the C-TPAT program is based upon a cooperative relationship focused on continuous improvement, onsite assessments are seen as a positive way for businesses to improve overall supply chain security. This process worked so well that it may soon become a "Best Practice" for the ongoing maintenance of the C-TPAT program here at PMUSA!"

Philip Morris USA

"The team provides an impressive global network that includes the expertise and the tools required to properly verify business partner security procedures and identify risk within the global supply chain.  They have been a valuable asset in the development of Lear's corporate-wide C-TPAT initiative."

Jeffery R. Eliassen, Manager-Customs, Lear Corporation

General Motors Corporation / QVC, Inc.

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