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Verifying security and improving efficiency of supply chains worldwide
The Global Security Verification (GSV) Program is designed to help international importers address a wide array of border security issues, and increase efficiency through the adoption of common standards.

Establishing an industry-wide security verification process
Our goal is to provide a single, effective process that importers and their suppliers can understand, and use to demonstrate compliance with international security standards.

•    Verification of foreign supplier manufacturing and warehouse security procedures
•    Evaluation of the status and effectiveness of key security measures
•    Validation of manufacturing/supplier and corporate security measures against Government guidelines and prevailing commercial standards
•    Security enhancement training for foreign suppliers

Enabling greater efficiency, reduced risk, and fewer inspections industry wide
The benefits of this approach include a better understanding of security issues, greater efficiency throughout the supply chain, and reduced risk.
•    Identification of supply chain vulnerabilities to reduce security risks across borders
•    Development of customized security programs designed to expedite arrival of goods at destination markets
•    Formulation of end-to-end supply chain risk analysis and management solutions
•    Summary reports of security issues and best practices designed to client specific needs
•    State-of-the-art, secure IT platform for client-customized data management and administration

International Security Recommendations
The GSV Process

Download the GSV Program Standard here

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