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A common security verification process, resulting in fewer inspections and competitive advantage
The goal of the Global Security Verification (GSV) Program is to help the foreign manufacturing and export community eliminate redundant inspections while maintaining effective security practices within their facilities and across the supply chain. 

How Suppliers Benefit
The GSV Program benefits manufacturers and other suppliers in two important ways:

1.    By reducing the number of inspections required to satisfy multiple importers. Without standard processes like GSV, foreign facilities may be subjected to multiple inspections for the same purpose, causing delays in production, reduced efficiency, and potentially higher product costs. The GSV program remedies this situation by providing importers, industry associations and their respective members a single, independent security inspection of each supplier facility, with the resulting data accessible to all membership.

Note: All proprietary company information reviewed during on-site security verification visits will be confidential. Intertek will not disclose any company proprietary information without the company's consent.

2.    By showing suppliers how they may improve their security procedures in order to gain favorable advantage with global importers.
The report that accompanies each security score will show suppliers how they compare to other suppliers in their industry, and provide them with best practices to help them improve their own security practices.  Higher scores represent better security practices, and can be very attractive to global importers, giving suppliers a means for competitive advantage.

How GSV works
GSV is a voluntary program. Manufacturers that choose to participate agree to an on-site independent security inspection, to measure and verify how well their security practices meet the standards outlined in the CBP Security Recommendations.
On-site verification includes assessment and rating of manufacturer security practices in Procedural Security, Physical Security, Personnel Security, Education and Training, Access Controls, Manifest Procedures, and Conveyance (e.g. service providers) Security.
Manufacturers whose business practices satisfy at least minimum security requirements dictated by CBP will be have their security score published in the GSV Registered Facilities Directory, where they may choose to make it available to any global importer.

Click here to downlaod a copy of the GSV program standard 


International Security Recommendations

The GSV Process

US: C-TPAT Minimum Security Criteria

Europe: AEO Guidelines

Canada: Partners in Protection (PIP)

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