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The GSV Process

1. On-line application for suppliers
GSV makes it easy for suppliers to apply for their assessments with online registration

2. On-site assessment
GSV professionals conduct a comprehensive manufacturing supply chain security review, conducted by industry experts and including facility personnel interviews, relevant document verification, and factory security inspection.

3. Reports and data analysis
GSV will release a complete verification report for each facility that is audited. The standard score will be stored in an online registry, and can be used for any importer who works with a supplier, and can be compared to other suppliers in the industry. Other information provided by this report will include:

•    Guidance in enhancing security measures and procedures
•    Graphic depiction of deficiencies using C-TPAT security areas and CBP assessment methodology
•    Cost-effective alternatives to achieve C-TPAT security criteria while meeting diverse supplier resource capabilities

For a sample verification report, please register with GSV by sending us your email address (emailto: , or by filling out an application.

4. Resource Information
Participants in the GSV Program will have access to a growing database of industry resources, including:

•    Compilation of manufacturing facility security best practices as highlighted in the C-TPAT Best Practices Catalog
•    Cross-comparison reporting for social compliance audits, and C-TPAT security inspections
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